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Responsible sourcing

Our commitment: Implement responsible sourcing in our supply chain


By 2015 – Complete 1,350 responsible sourcing audits in North America, with 945 of all audits completed in compliance.

By 2016 – 50% of the quantity of material purchased or the amount spent with U.S. suppliers is represented by suppliers who comply with the Nestlé Supplier Code.

Our Progress

Consumers and other stakeholders increasingly want to know where their food comes from and how it was produced. Responsible sourcing is an important investment in Nestlé’s future and that of our producers and suppliers.

A cornerstone of our commitment to responsible sourcing is measuring our progress through our supplier audits. In 2015 in the United States, we exceeded our goals, having completed 522 audits, 115% of our target. This resulted in a three-year total of 1,419 completed audits, of which 1,275 (89%) were compliant to the Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Program. Working alongside NGO partners, we map our supply chains globally and in the United States to ensure that procurement of 12 priority ingredients complies with our Responsible Sourcing Guideline criteria, which focus on critical social, environmental and animal welfare issues.

Our Responsible Sourcing Guideline includes specific requirements for supply chains of our highest-risk ingredients, including cocoa, coffee, palm oil, seafood, milk, sugar and paper. The guideline, which complements the mandatory, group-wide Nestlé Supplier Code, follows four general principles:

  • Suppliers are expected to engage in a process of continual improvement.
  • Suppliers should conduct their business with us openly and transparently.
  • We will support suppliers not yet able to comply with all aspects of the guideline, if they are committed to compliance and progress over time.
  • Suppliers must continually monitor and verify performance and progress.