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Belén Montoya

Global Procurement Category Lead, Cocoa


The most valuable thing for Belén is trust. The trust that her managers have in her, the trust that allows her to realize her full potential, and the trust that she can continue to develop and advance her career. Employed by Nestlé for eight years, Belén believes that trusting in her managers, teams and her own potential has been the catalyst for her success today.

Belén is currently transitioning to a new role – Global Procurement Category Lead for Cocoa – and previously held the position of Procurement Group Manager-Soft Commodities for Nestlé North America. A native of Spain, Belén studied industrial engineering in France before making the decision to move to the U.S. to pursue her MBA – which ultimately led to her role with Nestlé.

Belén is motivated by the opportunity to empower, inspire and motive the women she works with, making the conscious choice to act as a mentor every time the opportunity presents itself. “I provide clear objectives and goals for the team, that together we all own,” said Belén, “I am a true believer in leading by example – I have open communication and actively listen to every team member and I never miss an opportunity to recognize work well done.”

Keeping the ultimate goal at Nestlé in mind – to Delight the Consumer – Belén believes it is so important to embrace diversity in the work place, allowing the company to continue to deliver and to earn consumer trust. She knows from experience that the key to high performance is to have a balanced team, where everybody complements each other by bringing their different strengths, perspectives and backgrounds to the table.

Through her role at Nestlé, Belén has been inspired to share with her local community not only the great products we manufacture, but also the great work done by the company – whether that’s sharing the good things Nestlé is doing that are not always seen, such as the company’s robust Quality process, the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and many other sustainability initiatives. All are initiatives that instill a sense of pride in Belén for the work she does to deliver on Nestlé’s core belief of Good Food, Good Life.

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