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Nestlé Launches Enhanced Parental Leave Policy in United States

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Arlington, VA

Nestlé in the US is rolling out a more inclusive parental leave policy for employees across all seven operating companies effective today, September 1, 2020.  The gender-neutral policy applies to workers at every level of the business and in all US locations. 

Benefits for employees under the new Parental Support Policy (PSP) include:

  • Extended parent support leave for primary caregivers from 14 to 18 fully-paid weeks, with a maximum total leave of 26 weeks
  • Extended leave for the parent who is not designated as the primary caregiver from one week to up to four fully-paid weeks
  • Expanded leave eligibility for adoptive parents of a minor child up to age eighteen.

“At Nestlé, we know our employees drive our business, and when our employees are supported we deliver the best results,” said Judy Cascapera, Chief People Officer, Nestlé USA.  “Providing our employees with this enhanced parental leave policy is an important part of our commitment to creating the kind of culture that unlocks the power and potential of our people.”

In addition to the enhanced benefits, the PSP reinforces employment protections, non-discrimination, health protection and the availability of flexible working options, as well as breastfeeding support.

Nestlé will adjust any existing parental leave policy as needed to ensure it remains in line with any new laws and ordinances in the states where we operate.


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