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LEAN CUISINE® Encourages Women To Weigh What Matters

Category leader uses innovative technology to block “diet” conversations, transform them into a force for good
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It happens every New Year. Resolutions are made, the latest diets are getting buzz and weight loss stories proliferate. In fact, in January, on average, there is a diet message on TV or the Internet every three seconds – these constant reminders are not helping women embrace their phenomenal selves. Today, Lean Cuisine continues its efforts to shift the conversation from diet to weighing what really matters by introducing the Lean Cuisine #WeighThis Diet Filter, an innovative way to mute the conversation – literally.

Lean Cuisine Diet Filter

Consumers who want to focus on their best selves in the New Year – not the latest weight loss fads – can tune out these conversations by downloading the #WeighThis Diet Filter for Google Chrome™ which will block the word “diet” from blogs, online articles and social posts. Lean Cuisine® will support the program through a one-time donation to Girls Leadership, an organization that empowers girls to create change in their world.

The #WeighThis Diet Filter is a downloadable browser extension that searches and filters out the word "diet", along with derivative words like "diets" and "dieting", whenever it appears in a browser window. All filtered words are covered with an orange rectangle and tracked in a counter at the top of the browser. Users can also view how the collective “diet” conversation is shifting online.

“Every January, the latest diet commercials and stories take over our TVs and computers, drowning out conversations that really matter. That’s why we’re kicking off this New Year differently – by being an ally for women’s wellness and a force for good,” said Julie Lehman, marketing director for the Lean Cuisine® brand. “We’re using the #WeighThis filter innovation as an opportunity to encourage women to block out unproductive conversations and focus on what’s really important in the New Year.”

In addition, Lean Cuisine® developed a prototype #WeighThis Diet Filter hardware device for television that works by scanning the television closed caption signal for the word “diet,” then mutes the audio for 30 seconds. The device, created specifically for partners and media, saves viewers from enduring more “diet” messages, and a counter keeps track of how many times it changed the conversation.

Partnership With Girls Leadership To Create Positive Change

Lean Cuisine® will support this effort and its mission of empowering women to find the greatness in themselves with a one-time $25,000 donation to Girls Leadership to support the organization’s efforts. Girls Leadership teaches girls the skills to know who they are, what they believe, and how to express it, empowering them to create a change in their world – a mission in line with that of Lean Cuisine®.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lean Cuisine in supporting a new focus on wellness. This campaign has helped us reflect on what it means to build and practice healthy body image, for ourselves and for the next generation of women,” says Simone Marean, executive director of Girls Leadership. “This campaign will help our community let go of the idea of diet, or self-denial, which comes from a place of self-shame, and move toward a productive conversation of intentionally feeding your body. That comes from a place of self-respect. That’s a legacy we can be proud to role model for our kids, both boys and girls.”

Lean Cuisine As An Ally For Wellness

As a modern eating brand and ally for women’s wellness, Lean Cuisine® has shifted away from a “diet” brand and toward one that inspires overall well-being. The brand continues to provide chef-inspired, delicious dishes that consumers are seeking, like dishes made with organic, gluten-free and high protein ingredients.

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