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For U.S. Latinos, Coffee’s Benefits go Beyond the Physical

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Survey by NESCAFE CLÁSICO Shows U.S. Latinos Find the Coffee Break Essential to Daily Life

Today, NESCAFE® CLÁSICO™, released survey findings that show that for America’s 40 million Latinos, the benefits of a coffee break have much more to do with the psychological benefits than the caffeine buzz.  Well aware of America’s penchant for coffee, NESCAFÉ surveyed 1,001 U.S. Latinos to get to the heart of their love affair with café.  Just in time to celebrate August Coffee Month, NESCAFÉ’s “La Hora del Cafecito” survey finds that beyond the physical effects, taking a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee allows you to reflect, relax, and take a step back from a busy work day.  Here is what the survey showed: 

Tasty Tranquility

While many non-Hispanics might say that coffee helps wake them up in the morning, for Latinos, coffee means calm.  Relaxation (65 percent), comfort (53 percent), and stress-release (40 percent) are the top three coffee time expectations for coffee drinkers, beating out the caffeine buzz (38 percent) most associate with the drink.

A Break in the Day

Taking a smoke break (13 percent), dressing formally (29 percent), and taking an hour-long lunch (48 percent) are no longer the norm for working Latino-Americans. However, one traditional aspect of the workplace survives: the coffee break. Over half (56 percent) of working Hispanic consumers regularly take a coffee break as part of their work day.

A Cup to Catch Up

While serving coffee may signify the end of a meal for some families, for U.S. Latinos breaking out the coffee means the conversation is getting good.  In fact, the survey found that many end a coffee date knowing more about their loved ones. Top coffee happenings include learning something new about a family member (48 percent), hearing exciting news from a friend (47 percent), telling friends or family important news (44 percent), and planning for the future with friends or family members (40 percent).

Morning Time is Mine

Don’t talk to the coffee lover in your life while they’re drinking their morning joe. Sixty-eight (68) percent of coffee drinkers view their morning cup as “me time,” rather than time to catch up with family and friends.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Don’t underestimate the importance associated with these coffee time benefits. More than one in three (35 percent) coffee drinkers think going without coffee would be worse than not getting enough sleep.

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About NESCAFÉ Clásico

With 70 years of coffee tradition, Nescafé offers NESCAFE® CLÁSICO™, a 100 percent pure, soluble coffee sure to satisfy the tastes of any coffee lover.  Made from a proprietary blend of high-quality beans, NESCAFÉ CLÁSICO’s aroma and unmistakable flavor make it a market leader and household favorite in Latin America, where coffee is an important part of daily life.  NESCAFÉ CLÁSICO’s unique taste is reminiscent of the "cafecito" from home that Latino consumers know and love.  NESCAFÉ CLÁSICO is the fastest growing brand in the instant coffee category with distribution nationwide in the U.S.   It is available in 1.75 oz., 3.5 oz., 7 oz. and 10.5 oz. sizes.  In addition to the original blend, there are two more varieties, NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ Decaf and NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ Suave, a balanced, smooth roasted blend.  For more information visit,

About the Nescafé “La Hora del Cafecito” Survey

The Nescafé “La Hora del Cafecito” survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,001 Hispanic Consumers ages 18+ in May 2012.

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