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Nestlé Coffee Survey Confirms Coffee Makes the World a Better Place

At Nestlé, the world’s largest coffee producer, we are always looking for a reason to celebrate our love for coffee. That’s why we’re honoring National Coffee Day –on September 29 – by brewing our very own coffee survey. We teamed up with Morning Consult to poll 2,199 coffee drinkers with the goal of seeing just how deep Americans’ love for coffee is steeped.

Our survey* – fielded from September 18-19 – gave insight into where and how Americans like to enjoy their cup of joe. Here are a few of the most buzz-worthy findings:



"This survey affirmed that Americans are passionate about their coffee in terms of taste preferences, formats and routines," said Daniel Jhung, President, Beverage Division. “We are committed to putting consumer preferences at the forefront of our coffee strategy. Our recent alliance with Starbucks paired with our suite of strong brands including Nescafé, Nespresso, Blue Bottle Coffee, Chameleon Cold-Brew and Coffee-mate, brings together the world’s most iconic brands to give coffee lovers worldwide incredible options wherever and whenever they want a delicious drink.”



The survey also found that 85 percent of coffee drinkers think coffee companies have made efforts to source beans sustainably, and that’s a responsibility Nestlé has always taken seriously. We continue to improve the sustainability of our coffee supply chain and support farmers around the world. For example, through the Nescafé Plan and the Farmer Connect program, Nestlé is working directly with farmers to ensure they are growing viable, healthy crops, and that coffee farming remains sustainable. In the U.S. Nestlé sources 100% of our green coffee from 4C-verified coffee farmers.

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*The Margin of Error in the Nestlé/Morning Consult poll is +/- 2% points at the 95% confident interval.