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Your Kitchen in 2023

The food trends to watch out for in the New Year
2023 Trends

Think about your favorite foods from 10 years ago. Chances are, some of your favorites have stayed the same, but many of your eating habits have changed. If you took a snapshot of your kitchen cabinets every year, you’d build a visual history of your taste evolution.

That’s what makes being Chief Strategy Officer at Nestlé USA so exciting: food is a conversation. Your ideas and our ideas come together, driving something creative and exciting. As your tastes change, so do Nestlé’s brands. We’re constantly looking for ways to introduce fresh concepts that elevate your everyday eating occasions – whether that’s surprising you with new products or adding a twist on beloved classics.

As we look to 2023, here’s what we think will be the big trends in your kitchen and ours:

Wellness, Redefined

Now more than ever, many of us are thinking about preserving our health and wellbeing. Around 62% of Americans are reporting that their health is more important to them now than it was just two years ago, and many of us are taking proactive steps to maintain our wellness via the foods we eat. At the same time, the health of the planet is increasingly seen as an extension of our personal wellbeing.

Wellness Redefined 2023 Trend

As consumers have been rethinking how the foods they eat should benefit their health, and taking a nutritional and preventative approach to wellness, we’ve been exploring exciting new ways to bring functional foods to American kitchens. We've incorporated superfoods into products like Life Cuisine’s Smoothie Bowls with Vital Protein collagen peptides, as well as making our products flexible for a variety of foodie lifestyles through innovations like Gerber’s range of Plant-tastic plant-based foods for toddlers.

These options make it easier for you to take control of your wellbeing, from the comfort of your kitchen.

Delivering Your Favorites, Quickly and Easily

Let’s admit it: we’ve all gotten used to being able to order online and receive deliveries quickly. With endless accessibility to online stores right at our fingertips, where we can browse easily and make purchase decisions from the comfort of our homes, convenience is king. Working from home more often has changed the way we make buying decisions – and this is certainly true when it comes to deciding what to eat.

Delivering Favorites 2023 Trends

We’re excited to bring our brands closer to consumers by making purchase decisions frictionless and deliveries fast. We’ve recently introduced exciting new opportunities – like our Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery, which delivers freshly baked cookies right to your home when you need a pick-me-up.

We’re also delivering the kinds of food experiences you’d usually seek outside of the home to your kitchen, at a more affordable price point: from Stouffer’s Bowl-FULLs to coffee-house inspired flavors of Starbucks Creamers and Coffee mate. Because we believe you deserve your favorite flavors from the convenience of your home.

Shaking Up Meals...and “Smeals”

As our lives change, our eating habits change too. Increasingly, we’re abandoning the model of three meals a day for a more hybrid routine including smaller meals and snacks throughout our day. Think of them as smeals – snacks that are substantial enough to count as a mini-meal!

Smeals Trend 2023

Our brand teams have been hard at work developing new products to fit the smeals movement, like our personal sized DiGiorno pizzas or our Hot Pockets Deliwich – a quick and easy sandwich that you can grab from your freezer in the morning, and which thaws in time for an afternoon snack. Our Outshine Smoothie Cubes also make it easy to make a great tasting smoothie at home when you’re craving a delicious on-the-go snack.

These innovations are designed for a new way of enjoying daily meals – and there’s more on the horizon as we look to new trends in 2023.

The New Year is an exciting time for everyone – and that’s as true here at Nestlé USA as it is in your home. Personally, I can’t wait to see how tastes evolve even further in 2023, and how we can quickly deliver new and innovative products to your kitchen.