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The Skinny Cow®

Skinny Cow

Since 1994, the SKINNY COW® brand has made mouth-watering ice cream snacks for ice cream lovers who know looking good and staying healthy doesn’t mean a life without indulgences. Sinfully rich taste. Anything-but-skimpy portions. Yes, you can have it all, and seconds, too! Creamy deliciousness comes in a host of Skinny forms, from luscious sandwiches and cones to decadent ice cream candy bars and truffle bars. You’ll find happiness in every bite.

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  • SKINNY COW® Low-fat Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • SKINNY COW® No Sugar Added Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • SKINNY COW® Truffle Ice Cream Bars
  • SKINNY COW® Low Fat Fudge Bars
  • SKINNY COW® Ice Cream Candy Bars
  • SKINNY COW® Ice Cream Cones
  • SKINNY COW® Fully Dipped Bars