Environmental Impact of Our Products

Our commitment: Assess and optimize the environmental impact of our products


By 2015 – Complete a corporate life cycle assessment of our U.S. pet food business to identify the largest contributors to our environmental footprint.

Our Progress

We are conducting life cycle assessments to evaluate the impact of our business activities. In 2015, we conducted assessments for both Nestlé Purina and Gerber products. In coming years, we will continue to evaluate our production processes from an operational and ingredient perspective to optimize and thus reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We believe the environmental performance of a product starts with good design. This must be based on a clear understanding of the complex balance between environmental life-cycle impacts and other product requirements. In addition to performing life cycle assessments, our EcodEX tool gives product designers a faster, more effective way to analyze impacts. The tool uses information specific to the food and beverage industry to provide rapid and accurate data that allows our product development teams to assess sustainability performance across multiple product lines.

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