Water policies and stewardship

Our commitment: Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship

By 2015 – Better understand potential climate change scenarios in regions where we source water for our beverage products, based on research. Share findings with stakeholders.

By 2016 – Implement water savings projects in 100% of high-priority manufacturing facilities.

Our progress

Water, more than any other substance, is essential for human survival. Responsible water stewardship is critical to the future of our business. We strive for sustainable water management, from the fields from which we source our crops, to our facilities, to the communities where our suppliers, consumers, and employees live.

Nestlé is engaged in the United States and globally on development of water policies and stewardship initiatives, playing a part alongside public, private, community and civic organizations. Our global collaborations include CEO Water Mandate, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s WASH Pledge, water risk assessment and mitigation initiatives with the Sustainable Agriculture Platform and Sustainable Food Lab, and leadership of the 2030 Water Resources Group.

In the United States, we support the work of CEO Water Mandate to advance corporate water stewardship in California. Our water advocacy and stewardship initiatives—many focused on California—include collaboration with the World Resources Institute, the Alliance for Water Stewardship and local organizations supporting watershed projects for the Santa Ana, Hillsborough (Florida) and American Rivers. We remain active in efforts to protect and ensure the long-term sustainability of high-quality water sources through community engagement, local partnerships and the work of our 11 on-staff natural resource managers.